One off consultation

A one off consultation usually takes an hour. Generally, it will be by telephone but may be face to face, if needed. Following a conversation about the strengths and needs of the person requiring support, and their carer if they have one, information about suitable aged care services will be given to you. This information may include:

  • How the aged care system in NSW works.
  • The need or otherwise for an assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team.
  • Comparison of in home care and residential care.
  • The range of in home services available.
  • With regard to in home care, the difference between packaged care and stand alone services, the situations in which packaged care is advantageous and comparative waiting times for service.
  • How to access in home services and residential care.
  • Recommendations regarding appropriate residential facilities and strategies for accessing one’s preferred facility.
  • An explanation of names and terms used in the aged care industry.

It is anticipated that the information provided to you will enable you to make your own referrals for services.