Are you ageing?

Is your health deteriorating? Are you finding day to day tasks more demanding? Would you benefit from some support in your home? Perhaps you would like to consider care in an aged care facility? Or are you the carer or family member of someone who is need of support? Are you having difficulty finding your way through the complex network of aged care services? Finding the process stressful or the learning curve a little steep?

This service can assist you to navigate the aged care system and find workable outcomes to meet your needs. Two types of service are available. Firstly, a one off information consultation providing accurate, relevant, timely aged care information to assist you to make informed decisions and secondly, ongoing support in the form of case management.

Type 1: One off consultation

Fees: $100 flat fee.

What can you expect? Information provided to you regarding suitable home based and/or aged care residential options that will equip you to arrange care.

Type 2: Ongoing case management

Fees: $80 per hour plus travel time/kilometres. Minimum 5 hrs of case management.

What can you expect? An ongoing service that results in the provision of home based services and/or residential aged care placement.